Online Services

Quezon City Services

Access the online services via the Quezon City’s Public Online Portal System (POPS) with integrated online payment provided by MYEG PH.

The Quezon City Local Government in partnership with MYEG Philippines created an online platform to automate applications and payments of various city services and made it available online.


The Quezon City Public Online Portal system enables residents and transacting customers access to online application to various services of the city government. All transactions are now available 24/7, without the need to queue up in city hall.

Miscellaneous Services Application

You may now apply online and select specific services under the miscellaneous from various Quezon City Hall departments and offices. 

Online Payment Facility

Online payments are also accessible via the MYEG PH payment gateway with over 40,000 payment partners linked to the Quezon City Public Online Portal System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quezon City Public Online Portal System (POPS)

What are the available services that can be applied online using the QC-POPS?

Services under the Quezon City Health Department and City Assessor’s Office may be applied and paid for online using the system. From the portal, just select the Category -> Department/Office -> Service Account to search the specific services that you need to apply to. 

MYEG PH and the Quezon City Local Government are continuously working on adding all of the city services from all department and offices. 


What happens after I applied and paid online?

Once an application has been finalized and paid using the MYEG PH payment gateway, a confirmation email from the QC-POPS will be sent to the user’s designated email containing procedures and instructions on how to claim your applied service on the designated office in the Quezon City Hall.

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