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Payment Gateway Services

Achieving streamlined financial operations is possible through MYEG PH. It aims to give everyone a diverse selection of payment option for each service they need.


MYEG offers a payment gateway solution that provides access to multiple payment channels such as banks, mobile payment and over-the-counter platforms. 


The MYEG PH payment gateway comprises of diverse payment options to choose from which includes bank, credit card, mobile wallets and 40,000 over-the-counter payment partners across the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Payment Gateway Solution

That can seamlessly connect to existing e-commerce platforms activating the MYEG PH payment network to any potential partners interested on integrating the payment services with assured payment confirmation and reliable settlement periods.

Plus, with MYEG PH’s proposed redundant and scalable infrastructure able to support high volume of transactions. 

Ease of Integration & Deployment

Seamless integration is possible as the payment gateway uses application programming interface (API) that can be easily provided to potential clients and partners.

Centralized Financial Hub

Providing clients with a centralized reporting tool that can access, monitor and manage all transactions that passes through the MYEG PH Payment Gateway ensuring that real-time data is captured and be provided to support day-to-day business requirements.

MYEG Philippines Payment Partners

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