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MYEG Insurance

Your quick access to protection! Choosing the insurance you need has never been this easy!

A marketplace for all your insurance requirements. With an automated process, integrated payment solution and on-line claims platform. Providing insurance protection to every Filipino through digital innovation making their transaction hassle-free and reliable.


Understand how important insurance for you and for your family. 

Motor Insurance

Protection to the owner from financial obligations after a vehicular accident

Travel Insurance

Protection every time you travel

Health Insurance

Protection for your hospitalization cost and misfortune

Special Products

Customized protection for specific markets


Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)

LTO requirement for vehicular registration

Comprehensive Motor Car

Complete protection for you and your vehicle.

Travel Master

Protect yourself with the country’s best value and most comprehensive travel insurance

Travel Shield

Get protected through comprehensive medical, accidental and travel inconvenience benefits.


Get maximum protection before, during, and after your travel to anywhere in the world!

FPG Travel

Enjoy comprehensive FPG travel protection no matter where you are in the world.


Better Safe than be sorry. Protect your love ones from Dengue and leptospirosis.

Hospital Cash Income Plan

Never worry about Hospital Cost.

Personal Accident Greeting Card

A Gift of Securitry.

Family Relief Burial & Funeral Coverage

Protect your family from financial burden brought by misfortunes

MYEG Tourist Insurance

Protection for tourists visiting local tourism site

Expat Security and Disaster Cover

Protection for expatriates working in the country

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor Insurance

What is CTPL?

Compulsory Third Party Liability – compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance. It protects the owner of the vehicle from financial obligations to anyone who is injured or killed by the insured vehicle.

What is a Deductible

Deductible is the term we use for the participation fee of the client in case of a claim. This is the contribution of the client for the payment of the repair of his/her unit.

Travel Insurance

What are the benefits of having Travel Insurance?

With Travel Master, you are insured for up to Php 1 Million in case of an accident and up to Php 2.5 Million for emergency medical treatment. You can also claim losses as a result of personal liability; recover travel expenses in case of trip cancellation/termination; claim in case of loss baggage, baggage delay and flight delay. With Malayan’s worldwide emergency assistance partner, you can call an assistance hotline in case of an emergency.

Health Insurance

What is Personal Accident Greeting Card?

It’s a personal greeting card that comes with personal accident insurance coverage. It is the same as Comprehensive Personal Accident Card (CPA Card) only with minimal coverage at a lower cost.

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