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NBI Clearance Online 

Apply online 24/7 and at your convenience using the NBI Clearance Online Services.

The National Bureau of Investigation has partnered with MYEG PH and provided an Online Clearance and Renewal System aimed towards a streamlining the application process that includes appointment and payment systems.


The NBI Online Services ranges from online application, online payment, clearance verification and quick-renewal service with door-to-door delivery.

Online Appointment and Payment

Registered users are able to access the application page and select their preferred appointment location and schedule among the available NBI regional and satellite offices. Payments are also accessible via the MYEG PH payment gateway with over 40,000 payment partners linked to the NBI clearance system.

NBI Clearance With Hit Delivery System

No time to go back to NBI to pick up your NBI Clearance with Hit tagging? Get it delivered “Door-To-Door”!

NBI Clearance Online Verification

Providing a facility to check the validity and authenticity of every issued NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance Quick Renewal

Expiring and expired NBI clearances may now avail of a non-appearance renewal service and have it delivered as early as next day!

Frequently Asked Questions

NBI Clearance Online Application 

How to apply using the Online System?

Just proceed to and register for a free account. 

You need to provide your exact personal information as the NBI system will be using the data provided on your actual clearance print-out. 

How much will it cost me to apply online?

Using the online appointment and registration is FREE! Customer will just pay the Php 130 clearance fee of the NBI. 

Online payment are also available for a minimal convenience fee of Php 25 on top of the standard clearance fee.

I got a hit on my application, can you help me?

Applicants with Hit remarks are usually asked to return after 7 working days for clearing purposes.

Customers may opt to avail of the delivery with hit service to expedite the processing of their clearance application.

You can check if you are qualified to avail by using the With Hit? NBI Delivery Service button at the NBI Clearance website.

How can I avail of the quick renewal service?

Applicants with qualified NBI clearance may avail of the non-appearance quick renewal service provided by MYEG PH.

You can check if you are qualified to avail by using the Quick Renewal Delivery button at the NBI Clearance website.

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